Four years ago today, in what I imagine was a rather poorly attended ceremony, the street hockey rink across the street from my office was dedicated to one Jimmy Johnson. It is called the Jimmy Johnson Street Hockey Memorial Rink. A large sign on the fence states:

“The Jimmy Johnson street hockey rink, dedicated to the love & spirit of his passion for the game. June 24th, 2000.”

I’ve read this sign hundreds of times and it always seemed a bit weird to me. I don’t know the man personally, but after reading his sign I started thinking about what might have been alternate dedications they came up with before settling on this one:

  • Jimmy Johnson, whose passion for street hockey contained aspects of both love and spirit, is to whom this court is dedicated.
  • Jimmy Johnson was passionate about street hockey, so much so that you could say his passion was loving and spirited, as we have in this dedication.
  • …dedicated to the passion & love of his spirit…
  • Take one large scoop of passion for street hockey and a spoonful each of love and spirit and what do you get? Jimmy Johnson, that’s what.
  • If you look up “passion” in the book of street hockey, then you find the subheading “love & spirit”, there you will see a picture of Jimmy Johnson.
  • To say that Jimmy Johnson was passionate about street hockey doesn’t quite get the full message across, unless you also mention the love & spirit of said passion, of which there was an amount worthy of this rink dedication.
  • …dedicated to the spirit & passion of his love…
  • If loving, spirited passion for street hockey is what you want, look no further than Jimmy Johnson. If straight-up passion is your thing, look elsewhere.