Nine weeks ago, we picked up the most beautiful old stray from a shelter in Rhode Island. We named her Rosie after The Riveter.

Rosie the dog

She was most likely part pit bull terrier and part boxer. We fell in love with her immediately. She was so happy just being around people and hanging out. However, she recently started to feel sick. We took her to the vet last week and they ran some tests but didn’t find much. They put her on some medication but she quickly got worse. On Saturday, we took her to the emergency room and they kept her for the night. After performing a biopsy they found carcinoma. They gave us some options, but none of them were very promising. We went to visit her last night but she had gotten worse. So, today we went back and visited her one last time and then had her put to sleep.

This is really very sad. I mean, it’s only been nine weeks, but we had already gotten so close. I had meant to post about her so many times but I never quite got around to it. I can’t believe this is the first post I am making about her. She was so likable and she had so many hilarious mannerisms. For example, she loved to sleep laying on her back with her legs spread and her tongue sticking out. When you’d ask her if she wanted to go for a walk, she’d tilt her head to the side as if to ask “Seriously!?” and then spring up with all the enthusiasm the old girl could muster. Once you’d get her outside, she’d smell everything! I think smelling things might have been her favorite thing. That and napping. Anyway, she was great and in spite of the fact that she didn’t necessarily get along so well with other dogs or cats, she was the sweetest thing to every human she met. And they all loved her.

Vieve has also written a little something about Rosie on her Dogster page. We will both miss her very much. RIP Rosie.