We drove down to Hartford yesterday to join family and friends of Gregory’s in remembering and celebrating his life. I’m so glad that we went! It felt really good to be there in that house with all these people who loved him.

Chris, Gabe and Patty were there. We showed up too late to see Becky.

I got the opportunity to tell Greg’s mother Eleanor all about how I came to knew Greg and what he meant to me and to others who knew him. A couple of months before he died, at the California Pizza Kitchen, Greg and I discussed a position at the Broad that I was hoping he would take. Eleanor told me how excited he was to start working again and how he thought this job would be the perfect thing for him. It made me so happy to know that in his final months, Greg was jazzed about the idea of us working closely together and getting to rekindle our friendship. I think we would have had a blast!

On the drive back we passed a bus that was completely engulfed in flames. The police and fire trucks arrived just as we were driving past the bus. It didn’t look like anyone was hurt. Bailey made a little video with my phone.

We’re heading back down to Hartford this afternoon for the memorial service.