Yesterday, after each attending our respective company’s beer hours at 4pm, Bailey and I headed to alleyway behind the Underground snowboard, skate, bike shop on Commonwealth Ave for a little BMX event. The Bone Deth Alley Chunk Dad Bone Donation event (flier below) was a fund raiser put together to collect money to buy a permit for a REAL LIFE SIZE MEGA BONE DETH event sometime in October.

Bone Deth Flyer

The event was a blast. They had setup several makeshift ramps out of pallets and plywood in the alley behind the shop. People were launching off this one huge ramp, flying over the crowd pulling all sorts of tricks. There was several 360s, a tailwhip air, a barspin, an x-up and quite a few unsuccessful attempts at a 180 and at a wall ride that left the crowd cringing as the rider and the bike would slam into the ground repeatedly.

Local BMX hero Sean Burns organized the event and was there acting crazy as usual. See him hear featured on the July 2007 cover of Dig BMX and pulling a ridiculous 18-stair toothpick grind on the May 2007 cover of Ride BMX.

The BMX craziness continued until about 8:30pm, when the real show began, the Wet T-Shirt Contest! When we had arrived a couple of hours earlier, Bailey was quickly recruited by the girl organizing the contest to participate as contestant #6. Though it was her first time and she was a bit nervous, she’s very proud of what she has so she decided to go for it. It was a pretty crazy scene. All the girls were up on the top of the big ramp and a dude was pouring water on them from a 5-gallon Poland Spring bottle (I think a sprayer of some kind would have been more effective). The girls got drenched from head to toe. Everyone was screaming and going wild. Bailey was the obvious best, but at the last second, while the guy had already announced her as the winner and was holding her hand up into the air like a boxer, he changed his mind and let the much more slutty girl get a few more jiggles in front of the audience and then eventually announced her as the winner. Bailey was robbed!

All in all it was a great event. It was fun being around so many people that are into BMX and watching all the ridiculous aerial maneuvers. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the wet t-shirts.

On the way home as we waited for the T to come, two kids asked us if we had caught the wet t-shirt contest. Bailey then pointed out the #6 on the wet t-shirt she was carrying and they immediately went on and on about how she was definitely the winner and that other girl didn’t deserve it. Then one of them asked us what college we go to and invited Bailey to his birthday party next week. Good times.

For a little peak at what a Bone Deth event is really like, check out this PROPS 61 clip on YouTube.