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Yesterday, we had the first BBQ at our new house. I think it was a smash it! We managed to get a bunch of people to show up who had never been to one of our events before, which was a wonderful treat. There were a couple of folks who I never even heard from who I really expected to show up to this one. I guess we’ll have to work on them again for next time. You know who you are.

Our place is pretty sizable and it turns out to be a pretty fantastic place to have a BBQ. It was a huge improvement over the last one we attempted, that’s for sure. With the the warmer weather, we can use the outdoors as well. So, at any time, you might have been able to find people hanging out on the front porch, in the living room, dining room, kitchen, by the BBQ in the driveway or in the back yard. We only had around 20 folks show up so it never felt crowded at all. We probably could have had twice as many people without any real difficulty.

Our downstairs neighbor (aka. “the other dude in the condo association” or “dude” for short) hooked us up with his big Weber charcoal grill and a nice big table to put the food on, which worked out really nicely. With the stuff we provided and the stuff other people brought, we had more than enough of everything for everyone to enjoy. In fact, we could have another BBQ tomorrow and the only thing we’d have to get more of is meat. Thanks to everyone who brought all the delicious treats!

Save a Sunday brunch a while back which I missed most of and a small Christmas tree decorating party, this was the first real event at the “new” condo. It’s been a while since I really put much energy into gathering people together. The last couple of events got me kind of gun-shy, so it was nice to have this one go so well. I was especially glad to see some new faces, like Chris, who gets the prize for both first to arrive and last to leave (aka. Party Monster) and Joi who brought sausages. Most of all, it was really great that my sister came up from New York to join us and that we got so much time to sit and talk. Thanks Makenzie!

… I was just thinking about all the beer, soda, chips and other goodies we still have left over. I wonder if I should have another BBQ this weekend with all the people that didn’t show up yesterday? Perhaps I’ll look into that.

My dad and I are currently doing 75 on 81 in Pennsylvania on our way to Virginia for my sister’s graduation from college. We have the iPod pumping Mates of State out of the sound system in the Tahoe. The weather’s nice. There’s no traffic (at least, not anymore). It’s 200 miles to Harrisonberg. We have half a tank of gas, no cigarettes and neither of us is wearing sunglasses. Nor are we on a mission from God. But still, I thought I should update you all.

Some other things are that I have sunburn on my right arm. I haven’t been able to solve a single clue in this month’s Atlantic puzzle. Also, I forgot my friggin’ camera! So, I won’t have anything special to show you when I get back. But you’ll live. If I had it though, you’d see a picture of the giant propeller-on-a-flatbed that we saw and perhaps a picture of this sunset or some other roady nonsense.

Anyway, have a nice weekend! Congratulations to Makenzie!

Slashdot has a story about how the New York State Attorney General announced today that he struck a deal with the largest recording companies in this country to pay out some $50 million in unpaid royalties to artists. Apparently, the RIAA has been so busy suing college students for downloading music in order to protect the interests of the artists they care about so much that they didn’t have time to keep their address books up-to-date.

Artist: “So, that money you guys were going to pay me for that music I did which you continue to profit from… where is it exactly?”

Record Company: “Oh, that? Well, see, we totally called you about that. You weren’t home. We left a message. We didn’t have your address. Could you email that to us? Solid. The rest of you go on home, and look in your mailboxes, cause we totally remember sending checks out.”

I’m sure it was an honest mistake.

Everyone’s favorite company, Disney, has decided to block Miramax from distributing Michael Moore‘s new film Fahrenheit 911. The New York Times has the story. Moore’s response is here.

I guess the best way to keep an unpopular president in office is to block all media that might portray him in a negative light. That sure seems like the plan.

Our vacation was just so relaxing and perfect, I came back truly feeling refreshed and energized. It’s certainly taken me time to catch up with things since returning — it always takes me at least as long as I was gone to catch up from being away — but in spite of my lack of posting, there’s been a lot of things happening.

One huge thing is that a couple of weeks ago, I finally setup my turntables. They were the first thing that I packed up sometime in October and they didn’t come out of their boxes until nearly March. That is kind of depressing. But the point is that they’re out. I’ve been playing a lot lately, as well as trying out some recording with Apple‘s new GarageBand software, which has been a good experience so far. I will be talking about this more in the future. I might even post some things that I will record.

I finally bought some hard drives and setup my computers at home with the proper space necessary to store copies of all my music and other media. I now have enough space for two copies of my music collection (one is a backup) and I have a server setup to serve it all out to the home network. Now we have all the space we need and it’s available from everywhere. Also, my entire music collection is available to me from anywhere, all of the time. I plan to acquire an Audiotron to add to the mix. I will definitely be posting more detailed information about my setup once it’s written.

In a similar vein, we now have two televisions and two TiVos. This means we can now record two things at once, or watch two separate things at once. I also wired up our television so that it can record something with TiVo via the cable box and the TV can still tune the channels as well. So, we can watch something live while something else is being recorded (so long as the thing we’re watching doesn’t require the cable box). We don’t use it much but it’s handy to be able to turn on the TV and tune to something right away without worrying about whether you’re interrupting a recording. Again, I plan to add some enhancements to this setup (perhaps Home Media Option), but I will likely post details about it once it’s finalized.

We also managed to do a few more settling-in projects around the house. We have curtains in the living room now. We’ve finally settled on which dining room table we’re going to use. I managed to find a few more bags of clothes and such to give to the Good Will. Much of our art is hung up on the walls. Of course, there is still a lot of stuff to deal with (mostly my stuff), but the place is starting to feel a lot more like a home. Like all the other things I’ve mentioned, the condo is a big thing right now so I will have a lot more to say about it when I get it all down.

I’ve got a bunch of other things going onas well. There’s a couple of books like I’d like to discuss. I’ve been hearing some good music lately. Alienwebshop has been having some pretty exciting times. There are some puzzles I want to talk about. I’ve even been getting a kick out of work recently. There are even a few stories I might dig up from the past for posting. There could really be some wild times ahead. Look for it.

Since some of you are so insistent about seeing photos from our trip, here they are. Sheesh! Are you happy now!?! Heh… 😉 (God, I can’t believe I just use a smiley in my blog,)

Seriously though, we had an amazing trip! It was just what we needed. I included some comments along with the photos, but what I didn’t mention is how we completely loved just being down in Placencia, and especially in Maya Beach where we stayed, and how the people we met were just so nice and accommodating and really made our trip everything that it was. We made a new friend Josh who we hope to see again someday. We experienced a whole different way of living that really made an impression on us. Things are a lot simpler. It was a very welcome change from city life.

Of course, getting back to Boston wasn’t all that great. We had to adjust to nearly a 70 degree change in the weather. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would, however. I can handle the weather as long as it’s nothing like January was. Brrr! Still, I keep thinking about when will I be able to get back there again. I think they got us hooked!

Since our last vacation did more harm than good, Vieve and I decided to treat ourselves to a mid-winter trip to the Caribbean. We’re leaving tomorrow morning at 5am! We’ll be spending eight lovely nights at a little place in Placencia where we’ll get to partake in all sorts of fun (and hot) activities. I’ll tell you all about it when we return.

Have a nice week! Suckers!

Upon deciding to return from hiatus, I pondered how to handle the last few months. Since there’s absolutely no way I’ll get around to posting all of those things I “totally would have posted if,” this is probably the closest thing you’ll get.

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I’m surely forgetting some things, but there’s the gist of it all. Now that you’re all caught up, I hope things can get back to normal around here.

Well, it’s been yet another month since I moved that I haven’t gotten around to posting yet. Starting today, I’m on vacation until Monday the 5th, so I hope to get my life into order between now and then. Perhaps then I’ll be able to get back into my normal routine again. These last couple of months have had me pretty flustered and out of sorts.

Once again, we’re headed out of town for the holiday. This time, we’re going up to Maine to spend Christmas with Genevieve’s family. I hope to get some good relaxation done up there so I can come back refreshed and ready to jump right into a number of projects that have been keeping my mind occupied.

I hope you all have a nice holiday.

I just thought I’d take this moment to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and ensure everyone that we are alive and well. We moved over a month ago, so it’s about time we start getting back into the swing of things, but we’re not quite there yet. I’m sure you’ll hear from me again soon, but probably not until after the holiday. Be well, everyone!







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