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In spite of the fact that I had to give a big presentation first thing in the morning and that we got to Brooklyn several hours later than intended, yesterday turned out to be a huge success!

We got to Factory Fresh for ROA’s amazing solo show and took some sweet pictures with the new rig.

Then, with only minutes to spare, we sped over to the Brooklynite Gallery to catch the Dolk and M-City show, Eurotrash right before it closed for the day. Met some cool folks at the gallery and chatted a bit about street art, Banksy, Brainwash and all the work getting overwritten this week.

At this point it was too late to make it to the Blind Spot Lab as we had intended, so we headed over to see Faile & Bast’s Deluxx Fluxx Arcade instead. Grabbed some dinner with good friends, then back to the Arcade for another look.

From there we did a drive-by of the Brainwash show, which looks a bit ridiculous, and headed back to Westchester to crash.

Today, back at it again with Lichtenstein’s Still Lifes, Mr. Brainwash: Icons, Shepard Fairey: May Day and the Great Outdoors are the Woodward Gallery.







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